Gainsborough Engineering Company having already supplied a single lane packaging line to Staples the ‘Fresh vegetable’ Company based in Boston Lincolnshire and have now supplied a second ‘Twin Weighing & Bagging’ system capable of bagging off 120+ packs of sprouts per minute in order to fulfil peak demand periods and satisfy future foreseeable growth.

2 baggers and multihead

The system consists of an inclined conveyor that straggled two rooms, this transferred the ‘washed and sized’ product up to the 16 head multi head weigher that streamed product down into two Gainsborough GV2K3 all stainless steel Vertical Form Fill & Seal bagging machines. The bagged product is then elevated from the bagging machines onto a Rotary collection table where operative’s bulk pack the product ready for despatch. The Multihead weigher was mounted onto a purpose built Stainless Steel gantry with operator station points and maintenance access area’s. Below sit the Gainsborough Stainless Steel Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines that were fitted with thermal printers for date coding / batch numbering etc.

The versatility of the system allows for either single product weight packing or alternatively different product weights can be packed off independently just by selecting a programme change, this would then allow the system to deliver typically 55+ bags per minute of each weight.

2 baggers and multihead

Staples already having Gainsborough Bagging machines were happy to continue and strengthen their relationship with Gainsborough Engineering Company and in particular have been extremely satisfied with the After Sales commitment and support.

By choosing to add to the existing Gainsborough machine Staples have increased their bagging flexibility as all forming tubes are interchangeable between the machines.

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