Flexibility of Modular range offers customers choice of specification.

Gainsborough Engineering’s range of Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines are based on a modular concept in which the frame size is determined by the bag size, the optional components are then selected by the user enabling him to achieve maximum flexibility in his choice of machine requirements to match his specific needs.

Further flexibility within the range enables the user to specify the type of drive, pneumatics, plc and electronics through to the type of feed interface i.e. auger feed, multi head weigher, in-line vibratory tray feeds, robotics etc. “Block Bottom attachments, Valve Applicators, Gas Flushing, Carry Handles, Tear Strips and a choice of Printers are just a small example as to what we are able to offer” points out Gainsborough Engineering.

These modules are available as bolt on units with connections and programming pre-installed into the bagger thus allowing installation by the user. As a result, a relatively low cost bagger can be bought initially and optional components retrospectively fitted if required.

Change over times have been dramatically reduced by incorporating easy wash down features, tool free parts and settings that are easily accessed via the touch screen control panel. The screens have self help menus that make life easy for the operator even warning him if conflicting data is entered.

Fault diagnostics reporting can be carried out via Ethernet or wireless connection to a base station and text message an engineer.

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