The GV2Kx 4-corner seal packaging machines feature full programmable logic control on all machines functions – bag length, print registration, over printer, product call and no product – no bag.

The PLC automatically monitors jaw obstructions, film breakage, print registration, packaging material run out and safety guard circuits.



  • Designed, manufactured, assembled, wired and Serviced by Gainsborough Engineering Company in our own factory by our own Engineers.
  • Stainless steel frame, parts and bearings, except where weight dictates use of anodised aluminium and bought in items are not available in such materials. (Usually specialist electrical or pneumatic items).
  • Heat sealable jaws running on hardened shafts and linear bushes for long and trouble-free life,
  • All Product contact parts Stainless Steel.
  • Mechanical/ Vector inverter via geared motor intermittent drive.
  • Belts with encoder feed back for accurate measurement of length of pack.
  • Industry Standard “Brand named” products used when not manufactured in-house.
  • Omron Touch screen PLC control of all machine functions with product Codes for ease of product changeovers.
  • Photo-Electric Cell Registration.
  • Film Run out Detection.
  • Jaw Obstruction Detection.
  • Totalising / Batch Counting Facility.
  • Fault Text Display.
  • CE Certification.
  • Interfaces easily with most filling and feed systems.
  • Stainless Steel construction


  • Semi- or Fully Automatic film tracking control
  • Heat seal, Poly seal or both
  • Film splicing unit
  • Film reel run-out advance warning
  • Splash covers
  • Tear perforations
  • Double-pull bag length
  • Gussetting
  • Gas Flushing
  • Overprinting: Hot Foil or Thermal Transfer
  • Labellers: Pre- or Post forming set
  • Bag Shaker
  • Powered reel unwind
  • Jaw arrangements:
    Heated or punched Euroslot
    Punched slot or hole
    Nick knife
    Block bottom
    Gusseted bag
    High integrity seal
    Date Coding
    Bandolier pack
    Carry handle
  • Block Bottom
  • Forming set inner tubes
  • Static Eliminators