We have recently completed a project that involves a packaging solution fully manufactured at Gainsborough Engineering’s factory in the UK.

The system comprises of a bagging unit , the Gainsborough GV2K408 dual seal , with a close-coupled volumetric filler and take away conveyor.

The product is fine powders , running various weights from 500g up to 2 Kilos. The weight is controlled by the volumetric filling head,  simply raising or lowering the cups to achieve the desired target. The raise and lower action is controlled by an electric motor signalled from the packaging machines PLC, this can also take inputs from a check-weigher if necessary.


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As the volumetric head rotates, it drops 1 cup at a time through its discharge plate. The rotation of the head is timed up with the packaging machine to ensure full synchronisation , this triggers the packaging machine cycle to produce bags.

The outfeed conveyor will take any bags that are made by the machine to a suitable position for an operator to handle.

All the items in the packing line are manufactured in Gainsborough Engineerings UK factory which is equipped with a full CNC machine bay, spray booths , fitting and electrical bays , drawing office and full technical support staff.