• Min Pouch Dimension                   150mm Tall x 140mm wide including side seals.
  • Max Pouch Dimension                  300mm Tall x 250mm wide including side seals
  • Seal Size                                         Up to 15mm top seal
  • Typical Side Seal                            7.5mm
  • Filling Station                                 Two as standard. Additional fill stations available upon request
  • Zip Closure                                     Optional
  • Throughput                                     Typical 40ppm, product dependant
  • Film                                                  Printed and unprinted laminate
  • Thermal Printer                               Optional
  • Gas Flushing                                   Optional



John Rockall

Managing Director

Tel: 01427 617 677 

Email: sales@gains-eng.co.uk


Adrian Shenton

Sales Director

Tel: 07971 121588 

Email: ashenton@gains-eng.co.uk